International Manager Exchange

LGMA Queensland, in cooperation with the Society of Local Government Managers New Zealand and the League of Californian Cities (United States), offers the opportunity for two local government managers to travel to the US or New Zealand to study local government practice.  Successful nominees will attend the annual conference in that location and will be hosted by a manager from that jurisdiction.  Queensland participants will then host the manager in return when they come to Australia to attend the Queensland state conference.

Nomination are open now. Click here to download the 2017/2018 International Manager Exchange brochure. 

Nick Clarke and Martin Drydale are experienced the International Manager Exchange in 2015 and early 2016. They hosted Susan Jones (NZ) and Kurt Wilson (USA) for the LGMA Queensland 2015 Annual Conference, and Martin then visited NZ and Nick Clarke went to USA. 


         Martin Drydale                         Kurt Wilson & Nick Clarke                                          Susan Jones

Nick Clarke's Report

"If you have heard of this exchange programme before, or not, it remains a best kept secret.  Why? I just don’t know.  It is not really an exchange in that I didn’t have to do someone else’s job while I was away.  It is an exchange of ideas and knowledge though.  It’s also far more than that.  It’s a great opportunity to learn and develop as a leader in local government; to represent Australian local government overseas (in a low-key way); and to enjoy the social aspects of conversations with some really great people who strive day in, day out, to achieve the same that we do.  Don’t let this remain a secret ...  Have a go – I did – and it was one of the best experiences of my career." - Nick Clarke

Martin Drydale's Report

Past Winners' Reports

Michelle McFadyen

Mark Griffioen

Bryan Ottone

Warren Van Wyk

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