Branch Conferences

Events are held in each of the four branches in order to bring together people working in each region to share information and experience and present topical papers on issues of interest.

Most recent programme - "Onboarding New Councils": held in November in Noosa, Ayr and Emerald.

In the context of continuing high CEO turnover, the March 2016 Local Government Election poses a challenge for councils across Queensland.  Good relationships are key but there are many factors which work against the early development of critical relationships within council.

This programme was designed to assist officers in building effective working relationships as quickly as possible and to tackle the ongoing problems associated with reporting to council and ensuring quality, strategic leadership and decision-making.  The day and half programme provided tools and advice to assist you in managing this important transition come March 2016.

This programme was targeted towards any officer who is involved in inducting and liaising with elected members.

To view the full programme and registration form, please click here.

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The first round of 2015 branch networking forums focused on "Culture". Click here to view information about the forum. 

A copy of Tony Wilson's presentation on High Performance Culture is now available. Click here to view.

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