Ignite Programme


Nominations for the 2017 North Queensland Ignite Programme are now closed.

The Ignite Programme has been designed to provide new or aspiring managers/supervisors/team leaders with the necessary skills to manage and lead themselves and their team.

Through interactive workshops, this programme provides the tools, insights and hands-on experience to take on the responsibility of leading a team with greater confidence.  As the programme brings together local government officers from around the state, participants also get the opportunity to learn from each other and to build support networks for their local government careers.

The programme kicks off with a 2 day introductory forum that focuses on raising self-awareness; identifying the type of leader they are and aspire to be; and provides specific tools for changing their style of communicating with their manager, peers and team members.  The other four days of the programme are spaced over a 4-5 month period.  Participants continue to develop their own self-awareness and the impact their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours have on the way they communicate and manage people.

During the course of Ignite, participants will:

  •     Develop the critical skills and competencies required to successfully lead and manage teams and support their transition from team player to successful team leader;
  •     Refine any skill gaps by working with qualified professional development coaches;
  •     Define the goals and expectations of their role though direct consultation with their manager;
  •     Improve the critical interpersonal skills for engaging and leading people; and
  •     Improve their own self-awareness.
The involvement of the participants’ manager is a critical factor in creating tangible outcomes in the workplace.  Managers are involved throughout the programme through structured progress reporting, a 360 degree feedback survey and involvement in one of the workshops.

 As with all programmes, LGMA Queensland will schedule additional programmes when sufficient interest is received.

Participant Selection Criteria:
  •     The programme is limited to 24 places;
  •     Applicants need to directly supervise other people;
  •     Applicants must be available to attend ALL six days of the programme and be available for two one-on-one coaching sessions;
  •     There are no age restrictions for selection to the programme.

The dates for the 2017 Ignite Programme in North Queensland are:

  • Introductory Forum - Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 May 2017;
  • Day 3 - Thursday 1 June 2017
  • Day 4 - Thursday 13 July 2017;
  • Day 5 - Tuesday 10 August 2017; and
  • Day 6 - Thursday 23 November 2017.
Programme Fees:

The cost of the Ignite Programme is $3157 (incl GST) which includes the cost of the following:

  • Introductory Forum
  • Day sessions - facilitators, venue, day catering and equipment hire.
  • Supply of any workbooks and pre-reading materials
  • Includes group dinner on May 3.

The programme costs exclude other travel expenses or additional accommodation required outside what is provided above.  Any costs incurred in addition are the responsibility of the participant's Council.

Please find the 2017 Programme here. You will find the Registration form here.

Any queries regarding the programme, please contact:

    Robyn Walker
    Manager Training and Development
    Phone:    (07) 3174 5004
    Email:    robyn@lgmaqld.org.au
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