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Exchange Notes 10 May 2023

  • 11 May 2023 10:33
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    Elaine Brown (Administrator)

    Compliance Exchange 10 May 2023 

    Agenda items discussed during the meeting. 

    Poll to ask group how many exchanges a year they would like for 2024 planning – 2 x yearly 5%, 4 x yearly 64%, 6 x yearly 30% 

    Onboarding documents or manuals for regulatory services/compliance/local laws/animal management officers. Would anyone be willing to share their documents? Longreach have been working on a manual for quite some time and am willing to share what I have completed as well. 

    • Fraser Coast have a manual that was drafted by on behalf of Council which covers regulatory service matters, templates for show cause enforcements. 
    • Mt Isa have an Authorised Officers handbook developed by LGAQ 
    Confusion around when to issue SCN/EN and do we need to issue both? eg: going straight to EN when known breach has occurred. 
    • Depends on legislation and circumstances as to what notices are issued. S167 of the Planning Act relates when acting under the Planning Act. 
    Technology/Apps in the workplaceeg: laptops/tablets and any apps that people use to assist  
    • Fraser Coast uses Axon body cams. Mt isa uses PetSafe App. Gladstone uses Wolfcom body cameras and is progressing towards the capability to live stream as well. Bundaberg recommends all councils should be using if not already using. Cairns using IAuditor App. 
    What do Councils do when enforcement action has run its course and compliance has not been achieved. 
    • Most Councils having similar issues with cases spanning a number of years, dependent on council’s appetite for enforcement action. Suggestion of fine with requisition again dependent on council’s appetite. Putting property notation on title that says that there is an illegal structure on site, Council takes no responsibility for it. Also anyone looking to purchase that property will be notified via searches that there is an unapproved structure. Section 16 of SPER Act give some guidance on issuing of infringements and proceeding to prosecution. 
    Non-compliant living accommodations i.e. garden sheds  
    What types of dog cage lifter do Councils think are the best. 
    • Mt Isa are happy to provide recommendations 
    Do any Councils use number plate recognition for parking officers. 
    • Ipswich have an automatic number plate recognition vehicle and use Sensen. Bundaberg are looking at LPRx from DCA.  They do Pinforce to issue the ticket. 
    Do any Councils have unfenced off leash dog parks. 
    • Cairns has 58 off lead areas 10 are fenced all signed. Gladstone have a fenced park and then some foreshore areas that are off-leash. Rockhampton starting to implement ‘leash free areas’ as a 12 month trial. Fraser Coast have areas on the foreshore which are signposted on the entry to the beach.  
    Share any known workshops/training/conferences available. 
    • From Tina Martin, I work in the Animal Management team in Cairns but I also sit on the Australian Institute of Animal Management Board and we are organising a Conference this year in collaboration with G2Z and Amrric this is the link to our Facebook page we have the dates available at the moment and more information will be released in the coming months regarding the conference but this will be great for anyone in the animal management space with great cross over between the organisations. AIAM also has a National Cat Management discussion group which meets every couple of months if anyone is interested in this they can email our secretary at next meeting is 18 May 2023. 
    • LGMA Governance Forum 7-8 June Cairns 
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