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Local Government Managers Australia (LGMA) Queensland was founded in 1957 and today is the leading professional body for local government managers and aspiring managers in Queensland.  The twin goals of LGMA are to:

  • Foster the professionalism of the local government sector in Queensland; and
  • Continually enhance the system of local government.
Our members are the leaders in the sector, who are committed to their careers and want to make a difference to the profession of local government.  By working together, they help create a stronger sector, providing practical advice to government, supporting other local government professionals and sharing information and skills.

If you work in local government in Queensland, then LGMA Queensland is an organisation you should be involved with - for your own career and in order to better serve your community and the broader Queensland community.  LGMA is here for you, so let us help your career goals.

As part of your membership you will receive:                    WHICH ROLE BEST DESCRIBES YOU?

Tailored Information: As a member you will receive monthly and quarterly publications providing updates on best practice management, people and issues in local government as well as access to advice on a range of matters. 

Professional Development: Members have access to tailored, leadership and management training including member-only programmes such as mentoring and webinars. 

Recognition and Awards: Members are eligible to be nominated in LGMA Awards and also through a range of opportunities including being recognised in our publications, exchanges and scholarships and as presenters at events.

Discounts for Attendance: Members are entitled to receive discounts which are applied to their annual membership subscription for attending various LGMA council events.

Support Your Sector:  Members contribute to the sector through providing input into LGMA's advocacy work and also by assisting in the development of peers across councils.  

Networking Opportunities: Members have access to our network of  government leaders across Queensland providing not only a great opportunity for knowledge sharing but also for the potential career progression within the sector.

LGMA Member Club:  Through our partner organisations, LGMA provides members with a range of discounts and offers on a variety of services including Qantas Club, Superannuation health checks, accommodation and car hire deals, wills and conveyancing discounts to name a few.  

Please refer any membership enquiries to 07 3174 5007
or email

meet the member

morgan bell



BEST PART OF THE ROLE:  I am able to build relationships with both inside and outside staff.  working in local government allows an amazing amount of opportunity to be involved with training and connection building.

WHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE MOST REWARDING PART OF A CAREER IN LOCAL GOVERNMENT? I definitely think it is the sense of achievement you feel when you are in a supportive role and you have workers willing to come to you to build their knowledge and understanding.  learning from our local leaders and gaining a better understanding of the local issues.

WHAT DO YOU THINK ARE THE CHALLENGES OF ANY LOCAL COUNCIL? The limited resources available to meet the wants, desires and needs of our community. it is this ongoing conflict between providing the best and most vibrant solutions for our communities and ensuring the local governments ongoing sustainability that challenges local government officials on a regular basis.


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