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Membership of Local Government Managers Australia is a must-have for anyone looking to develop their career in local government.  Through membership, individuals are kept informed of relevant trends and changes which may impact on their work.  They have access to professional development and training tailored to their needs and the sector and, most importantly, they gain access to a network of like-minded professionals whose experience and insights can help them excel in their role and in their career.   

We think it's important to support all levels of local government.  No matter who you are or what stage of your career you are currently at, we have a package for you!  Pick your membership type to learn more.

Fast track your career in Local Government. Become a member now.

Local Government Chief Executive Officer

As a Chief Executive Officer, you know the importance of a wide network of contacts who share your interests and are working at your level. 

LGMA is your professional body, linking local government managers around Australia. 

LGMA is more than direct member benefits, it's also your voice for a better local government. Taking an active role in promoting better standards in local government, LGMA lobbies for changes to the system of local government and is the seat at the table representing your interests.

Local Government Officers Queensland

As an officer,  LGMA is your best source of ongoing education and professional development, including regular information, short courses and conferences.

Contact with local government professionals is essential to learning and to developing your networks.  Member tell us that this network and sharing is a significant benefit of their membership.  

They also get great value our of the formal training they undertake in both the classroom and conference environments.

Local Government Aff

LGMA caters for those who aspire to be a manager within local government through the Affiliate membership. 

Starting a career in local government can be daunting but with LGMA your success knows no limits. 

You will find that as an association, recognised internationally for the quality and knowledge of its professional managers, LGMA's membership, at the onset of your career, will provide long term advantages.  

Affilate members receive all the benefits of membership with the exception that they are not eligible to vote on formal matters (election of office bearers or at the AGM).


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