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Annual Local Government Conference 2022

The Local Government Conference is the flagship event for Queensland local government officers and  presents an opportunity to explore, analyse and exchange ideas on issues that affect the local government sector.  Once again, the 2022 Conference was hosted across a three-day period featuring business sessions and social events.  The conference programme included keynote presentations, a panel session, council case studies and guest presentations. 

Destination: Gladstone!

Dates: 6-8 September 2022

Venue:  Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre, 56 Goondoon Street, Gladstone, 4680.

Programme: Breaking the mould: transitioning to the next generation of leaders

The future local government is nipping at the heels of past iterations. 

Social and demographic changes across communities, shifts in technology, the increased pace of change and more frequent and diverse ‘shocks’ are all driving a fundamental alteration in who and what local government is. 

Perhaps more significant than all of those things, will be the impact made by the future leaders of the sector. 

These leaders, some of whom have already started in their local government careers, will need to bring different skills and attributes to their roles.  They will have cut their teeth in the dynamic, digital era and their demands and expectations from work will differ from their predecessors. 

In this conference, we explore the next generation of leaders of local government as it evolves in coming decades and discuss what we, as a sector, need to do today to ensure that we attract the best, support their development and retain them, all the while setting them up for success.  If we do this well, today’s leaders will protect and enhance the reputation of the sector and provide Queensland communities with local governments which deliver for future generations. 

Conference brochure here. 

Delegate Programme: Here

Conference Photos: Here

Speaker Presentations: 

Marvin Oka - Answering the call to leadership: When meaning and purpose matter - Key Items

Mark Puncher - LG: Employer of choice 2030

Professor Kevin Desouza - Designing smarter communities as self-organising, capital-creating ecosystems

Gary Stevenson - Lessons from COVID

Cecil Barnard - Leading a successful multi-generational workforce

Rob Hall - Demographic and economic disruption

Professor Santina Bertone - The future of work - Implications for LG and regional renewal

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