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2 Feb Exchange Meeting - Conversation Summary

  • 3 Feb 2021 10:49
    Message # 10057357
    Facilitator LGMA (Administrator)

    Around the Grounds

    Redlands Shire Council

    • Focused on their re-engagement of sporting clubs specifically supporting them with being financially sustainable and growing participation

    • 75-80 Clubs in the region plus and Aquatic centre that has just reopened after a 6mth refurbishment.

    • Keep an eye out for a guy dressed as a clown in Episode 8 of the new TV show Holey Moley… that’s Adam Page!

    Flinders Shire Council 

    • Events are kicking back off and they are focused on re-engagement too with fitness classes and a mental health program.

    • Looking to run a new sport program in Apr-Oct which is Tourism sessions that incorporates the locals and the tourists helping people reconnect with Western Queensland.

    Mackay Regional Council

    • They are running their first online sport expo. This would normally be a four-hour event on one day but they have decided to run the session online for the entire month of February. They have had 100 registrants plus sponsor engagement for incentive prizes. Only Day 2 but it is going well so far. 
    • The platform they are using is called Storymaps
    • The are starting up the Clubs connect program again and working with sporting clubs to make sure their covid safe plans are in place.
    • They hosted the Australian Swim team at the new $23M Mackay ARC centre which also brought some much needed economic boost to the community.

    Moreton Bay Regional Council

    • Big growth in the team which has now grown to 15 looking after 3 different areas so recruitment has been a big focus of late and they are about to advertise the 2 x paid positions for University Students to join the team.
    • The healthy and Active program is another focus along with liaising with clubs about winter sports fixtures plans, permits, access to grounds and getting all the new committee members contact details.
    • Operational plans are another key focus along with community leased facilities with over 500 groups and 1000 buildings being managed by the team and a further 250 groups not using council facilities about to be included in the mix also.

    Ipswich City Council

    • Bit of banter and healthy animosity from Louise towards Jay who “stole” one of her team members so she is flying almost solo at present with hope of replacing staff in vacant roles soon.
    • Similar focus to other with getting winter sports up and running including covid safe plans.
    • They have just finished their Fees and Charges Review which was a big undertaking.
    • Club Development plan are the next focus in terms of getting a clearer picture of what infrastructure clubs are likely to need in future so that council can better plan for their needs.

    Central Highlands Regional Council

    • Over the past six to eight months the team has been focused on getting clubs on tenure at council. They have 90 clubs and before the process began they had 6-7 clubs on tenure, they now have 30 clubs with signed agreements in place. The process involved six months of community consultation, mending relationships and changing the perception that clubs had of council and that council had of the clubs. Lots of learnings and a solid draft agreement has come out of it that many of the other people on the call were keen to discuss further.
    • They launched Healthy Active Highlanders program which is a free group exercising service.
    • Planning for the May sport Forum is well under way
    • They are hosting the Legends of League event this weekend in town. The players arrived yesterday, and they have a bunch of school visits planned which has brought a real buzz to town. A big boost for the local economy and community.

    North Burnett Regional Council

    • The team look after six towns across the region
    • Reengaging with sporting clubs is a focus and they meet with Clubs every three months to talk about what their needs are.
    • The team also helps other community groups and right now the focus is helping the people running the local Shows with their covid safe plans.
    • Youth week is happening soon which is a good opportunity to engage with sporting clubs
    • Always looking for grant opportunities to fund their programs across the region

    Discussion Items

    Building Better Regions Grants

    Land Owners Consent not being obtained when applying for Community Gambling Grants to build on council land

    • Redlands asked the group of their experience in relation to sporting clubs applying for grants that involve building a structure on council land, but the applicants are not obtaining the right consent to build at any stage in the grant process, often misconstruing the Letter of Support for the application for the grant as consent to build on the land.
    • This sparked quite a good discussion and the team at Central Highlands had a lot to contribute given their recent experience with Tenure Agreements. 
    • Mackay explained that their team has a good working relationship with the Property Services people in council so they have a process whereby clubs must get land owners consent prior to applying for a grant so the education process for club committees is supported by the Property Service team. The letters of support are handles by the Mayors Office so there is a layer of separation between Elected Member and Council Operations that may also assist to minimise unauthorised buildings on council land as a result of grant approvals.
    • It was decided that the best place for the discussion and sharing of example Supportive Letters versus Letters of Consent and grant processes would be via the Sport & Recreation Village Discussion Board (referred to Discussion Topic:  Land Owners Consent)

    Clubs Engagement Strategy Ideas

    • Redlands shared how they have flipped their club engagement process on its head. They used to approach each sport separately, now they engage a range of clubs that use the same venue and discuss their needs across the board.
    • They changed the meetings to Zoom so it I easier for people to attend and they have about 5-6 clubs on the call with no set agenda, just an informal chat where they can ask questions and uncover the different needs.
    • This approach has led to better understanding and sharing of facilities across the different clubs. Sponsor have been engaged across multiple clubs at the same venue too which gives them greater market reach. They have even had cross promotion opportunity where little brother plays soccer and sister wants to play netball, the clubs are better connected so the registration process is easier for parents.
    • Redlands are also planning to host and record a series of webinars to help with club management with topics like “How to increase participant” or “How to manage Club Finances” etc.

    Future Agenda Items

    • Audit and usage of Facilities including all parks and reserves etc. How does your council use informal data capture? Are there any alternative options? (submitted by Mackay, please adjust as you see fit)
    • Land Owners Consents and Tenure Agreements,
      • LGMA to coordinate the creation of a session in March – 90min Webinar style session via Zoom in March 2021 (date TBC).
      • Topics to be explored include:
        • Tenure Agreements,
        • Leasing Policies,
        • How to manage the sporting field component either under a lease, or booking or other
        • Sharing council maintained venues and facilities versus clubs becoming venue owners and therefore responsible for maintenance and insurance etc.
      • Central Highlands have offered to supply the group with an example of their draft tenure agreement and Redlands to share theirs also
      • Mackay offered to engage their Lease Officer to be part of the panel discussion to offer an insight into the legal side of the process
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