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Coaching has been at the core of many LGMA programmes over past years. LGMA is now making its coaching expertise available to individuals on a standalone basis.

LGMA’s experienced coaches offer insight, perspective and tools to assist in working through the challenges of leading and managing people and teams. All sessions are grounded in an understanding of the local government context.

For You

If you need assistance working through the challenges you face leading and managing teams, one on one coaching with someone outside your organisation can help you gain perspective and develop new approaches.

Or maybe you are someone who is always looking to improve and constantly seeks new ideas and tools to add to your toolkit? Spend time with a coach who can share what others in similar situations are doing, current best practice trends and, importantly, the ‘why’ of people’s behaviour and responses.

For Your Team

Perhaps someone in your team needs advice and outside reinforcement? LGMA can assist, supporting your staff to work through challenges and apply new approaches.

Book a Discovery Session

Contact or call the LGMA office to arrange a complimentary 20min Discovery Session to establish the scope, desired goals and number of sessions required to meet your specific coaching needs.  This will include the development of a tailored business case for the coachee if required.

360° Feedback Survey Process


Multi-session packs available

Three, five or ten session packs are available for purchase. (Price inclusive of GST)

 Number of sessions 30 minutes 45 minutes
 1 Session $180 $250
 3 Pack  $520 $700
 5 Pack $1,020 $1,150
 10 Pack $2,000 $2,250

Councils may allocate sessions to different staff members the packs do not have to be utilised by a single individual. 

Meet Our Coaches

Fiona Cullen

Fiona has had an interesting career path, split between pursuing elite amateur sporting dreams and developing her skills as a leadership development facilitator and communications professional.

With over 20 years’ experience working with a wide variety of organisations in the commercial, not-for-profit and public sectors, Fiona has worn many hats including strategic marketer, events manager, business development lead, communications officer and now leadership coach and professional development facilitator.

In her role at LGMA, Fiona facilitates leadership development programmes for local government officers to develop the skills they need to lead and shape themselves, their teams, their organisations and their communities. 

Karen Daniels

Karen’s career experience uniquely positions her to provide valuable insights into learning methodologies and techniques across various sectors. Her expertise ensures that learning and development initiatives align seamlessly with organisational needs and, more importantly, cater to individual growth.

Karen remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving learning and development landscape. Her focus extends beyond mere adaptation; she actively embraces changes, ensuring that her approach remains relevant and effective; emphasizing inclusivity and diversity to foster engagement and growth.

In her role at LGMA, Karen draws from over 15 years of learning and development experience. Her multifaceted training skill set including: needs analysis, design, facilitation, constructing meaningful feedback and assessment across multi modal formats.

Find out more about Karen

David Stanley

Your learning zone is outside your comfort zone and for more than 40 years Dave has enjoyed helping people learn. His focus with the LGMA is coaching and also delivering programmes on leadership, high performing teams and culture. He has found working with local government to be an amazing insight to how communities are built and sustained.

Dave brings to the LGMA services leadership and coaching experience gained across diverse industries which helps him listen to and connect with just about anyone. Most of the last two decades has involved executive coaching in the private sector.  He has given talks to educators in 6 Australasian countries on educational neuroscience. Dave has consulted on CRM systems and data protection and setup call centres - both the infrastructure and the teams. 

Find out more about Dave

Leah Thode

With over two decades of experience, Leah’s expertise spans leadership and management development, performance enhancement, and culture transformation.  But her journey of guiding others toward personal best began long before her corporate days, coaching sports teams, and mentoring individuals as a personal trainer. She is a naturally engaging facilitator and executive coach with a strength for understanding and relating to people. Leah thrives on challenging thinking and the status quo to reach key objectives and create effective and lasting change.

Find out more about Leah

John Oberhardt FLGMA

John has over 30 years' experience in local government, with over 20 of those years being in high-performing Executive Teams.

John is passionate about helping bring people together to find solutions to complex problems. His key focus areas are good governance, financial diligence, audit, understanding team dynamics, authentic leadership and organisational culture, professional mentoring and development, performance Management and Accountability, mediation and strategic planning and decision-making.

Find out more about John


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