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Corporate Partnerships

As a supporter of local government, it is important to align your business with an organisation that can give you maximum exposure to the sector. What’s more, this exposure must be consistent, relevant and value for money.

The Advantages of a Corporate Partnership

Approximately 40,000 people work for councils in Queensland. Queensland local government spends $1.3 billion annually on goods and services.

Being one of Australia’s most diverse institutions and with responsibilities for over 100 functions, the business opportunities involving local government are many and varied.

Partnership with LGMA will ensure continued exposure and direct access to LGMA's membership through active participation in training forums, seminars and open LGMA meetings. The relationships built through our professional development programmes and networking events will prove invaluable, giving Partners regular access to LGMA's Executive Board, members and the wider local government sector.

LGMA's point of difference, in our partnership programmes, is our recognition of the value of networking for both the delegate and the sponsor.  We aim to create an atmosphere that encourages discussion and collaboration in a relaxed environment.

We hold a number of events which offer Corporate Partners significant exposure throughout the year including:

Conferences: Annual Local Government Conference / Inspire Conference / Women in Local Government Conference

Forums: CEO Forums / ILG Forums / Branch Forums / Villages Forums and Webinars 

Programmes: Ignite / Propeller / Executive Management Programme / Seminar Programme / Concept Project / Int. Manager Exchange

Awards: Young Manager of the Year / Manager of the Year / Awards for Excellence - Innovation, Teamwork, Above and Beyond, Sustainability, Collaboration, Community Shaping, Resourcefulness (category one councils) and Workplace Wellbeing

Challenges: Australasian Management Challenge / Rural Management Challenges (SQ, NQ, CQ)

Publications: the journal (three editions per year) / eNews (monthly newsletter)

For your information: Corporate Partner Prospectus and Calendar of Events

LGMA acknowledges the role stakeholders play in influencing, servicing and supporting the organisation and its members.  Stakeholders can expect:

Certainty and reliability – LGMA is focussed on positive relationship and productive partnerships, delivering on expectations.

Considered – LGMA provides considered advice, tailored to the needs of local government professionals and the best interests of their communities.

Inclusive – LGMA is inclusive, balancing varied and sometimes conflicting views of members, councils, public sector stakeholders and suppliers to the sector.

Apolitical and Independent – LGMA does not offer political commentary and does not ‘play the politics’

For further information or assistance, please contact Lisa Hamilton on 07 3174 5005 or  


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