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LGMA: it's your organisation

Local Government Managers Australia Queensland (LGMA) was first registered in 1951 and today is the leading professional body for local government managers and aspiring managers in Queensland.  The twin goals of LGMA are to:

  • Foster the professionalism of the local government sector in Queensland; and
  • Continually enhance the system of local government.
Our members are the leaders in the sector, who are committed to their careers and want to make a difference to the profession of local government.  By working together, they help create a stronger sector, providing practical advice to government, supporting other local government professionals and sharing information and skills.

If you work in local government in Queensland, then LGMA  is an organisation you should be involved with - for your own career and in order to better serve your community and the broader Queensland community.  LGMA is here for you, so let us help your career goals.


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