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LGMA Queensland also offers a suite of individual professional development and training programmes targeting individual leadership and management development. All of the programmes are designed to develop the skills and competencies of local government officers via experiential learning. This means that all programmes include hands-on, targeted activities that are relevant to the local government context, while providing extensive interaction between participants.

The Executive Management Programme professional development programme is aimed at local government professionals who seek to develop a more complete understanding of the role of the Chief Executive Officer within the Queensland local government context.



Regular forums to address topical issues facing CEOs, discuss key industry trends and provide ongoing professional development, support and networking.



Regular forums for CEOs of indigenous councils to address topical issues, including issues specific to indigenous councils, key industry trends and provide ongoing professional development, support and networking.



Management Masterclass is an intensive programme designed to extend the skills of practicing managers and to provide a range of tools to deal with common problems and challenges experienced by managers in local government.



The Mentoring Programme provides professional development, career advancement and networking. This is a mixed-format programme that includes phone, face to face, webinars, articles and discussions.


the CONCEPT PROJECT is offered to officers who are LGMA Members and are ready for a challenge and want to test their skills or develop new skills in a ‘safe’ environment will have the opportunity to take on a challenging project, working on an issue outside their own council.


Conscious Leadership Workshop is for those who wish to improve leadership and relationships through increased self-awareness.   It draws on the Enneagram; an ancient tool for personal understanding, development and transformation.


Propeller Programme develops people at all levels to lead local government into the future.  It offers a combination of expert input and experiential learning models, providing intensive interaction between participants. (Duration: 7½ months)


Inspire!   A 2-day event, providing informative and interactive forums for officers looking to further their career in local government.  The event offers new thinking and ideas and valuable networking opportunities with some of Queensland's brightest talents.


Focussing on core management capabilities, the Ignite programme builds self-awareness as well as skills in mentoring and developing individuals and teams. (Duration: 6 months)


The LGMA Management Challenge is a sophisticated team development programme that provides real life problem-solving experiences relevant to local government in a fun and competitive environment, pitting team against team to maximise learning.


The Rural Management Challenge is a team development programme based on a simulation of real-life local government management challenges comprising of a series of typical events, situations and tasks. 




LGMA also offers a range of Forums targeted to particular areas of interest within Council.  The Forums connect officers across the state who are undertaking similar roles.  They provide an opportunity to hear from a range of speakers; look at case studies and discuss current and emerging issues and trends.  The Forums are offered throughout the year by LGMA and are held in both Brisbane and regional centres.



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