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Ignite is a leadership development programme designed to provide new or aspiring managers; supervisors or team leaders with the necessary skills to manage and lead themselves and their team.

Through interactive workshops and practical learning, this programme provides the tools, insights and hands-on experience to take on the responsibility of leading a team with greater confidence.

The Ignite Programme Brochure outlines the inclusions and exclusions. The programme is $3600 per person.


Key Dates

We anticipate hosting two programmes in 2022, with a maximum of 24 participants in each programme. Each programme consists of a two-day Introductory Forum then four other one day workshops. 

Participants will need to commit to attending all six workshops plus one manadatory one-on-one coaching session. 

Dates and locations for the 2022 programmes are to be confirmed. Closing date for Expressions of Interest is Friday 11 February 2022. 

Who Should Register
  • New or aspiring managers
  • Entry level supervisors and team leaders

The Ignite Difference

This programme aims to develop people rather than simply load them up with theory. By allowing for practical application of learning in between face-to-face workshops, it fosters lasting, deep change to take place in the participants over time that then permeates their professional and often personal lives.

Programme Format

The Ignite programme is a leadership development programme that runs over four to five months. It includes six days of face-to-face workshop style content, two one-on-one coaching sessions and a 360 Feedback survey.

The programme kicks off with a two day introductory forum that focuses on:

  • Raising self-awareness; 
  • Identifying the type of leader you are and aspire to be; and 
  • Provides specific tools for changing your style of communicating with your manager, peers and team members. 

The other four workshop days are spaced out to allow participants to put their leaning into practice between the delivery days, and then come back to the next session ready to discss and workshop what did and didn’t work with the group.

The workshops are run in a microcosmic way, where the classroom becomes an analogy for the teams back in the council offices, which is the necessary platform to deeply explore team dynamics as well as interpersonal communication.

Manager Endorsement

The involvement of the participants’ manager is a critical factor in creating tangible outcomes in the workplace. Managers are involved throughout the programme through structured progress reporting, a 360 degree feedback survey and involvement in one of the workshops.

It is important to understand that to be nominated and accepted into this programme is a privilege afforded to you because your Manager/council sees potential in you, and they consider you to be a solid investment for learning and development that will enrich the organisation long-term.

Developing Peer-to-Peer Networks

Throughout this intellectually expanding and emotionally evolving journey, participants get the opportunity to interact with and learn from each other.

The groups often build a strong sense of continuity, bonding and professional development that endures long after they've complete the programme and continues to support them throughout their local government careers.  


For further information and assistance please contact

Fiona Cullen - Programme Facilitator

Phone 07 3174 5004 or email


[07] 3174 5006


Level 7, Quay Central

95 North Quay, Brisbane Qld 4000

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