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Our full list of events and programmes for 2018 can be found here.

Upcoming events

    • 19 Apr 2018
    • 8:30 AM
    • 31 Dec 2018
    • 3:00 PM
    • Online learning modules

    LGMA Queensland is pleased to launch an online Local Government Mentoring Programme!

    Created to provide professional development and career advancement, this programme is specifically designed for officers within local government who are aspiring to further their careers within the sector.

    Participants are matched with a mentor who will meet with them monthly to discuss ways to develop their career.  They will also undertake professional development through the online delivery of webinars, articles, video clips and discussions.  These are designed to enhance participants’ professional development and assist in identifying career aspirations.

    You will find the Brochure here. 

    In addition, please complete the Mentee Application Form here.

    • 5 Jun 2018
    • 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
    • Empire Conference Centre, 5 East Street Rockhampton

    Masterclass: Responding to Community Feedback: The Art of Risk Communication

    About the Program: This master class has been designed to help people working in local government to better understand:

    • Measuring and assessing public perceptions of risk
    • Responding to non-technical, emotional cues from the community
    • Strategies for Outrage management, Crisis communications
    • Changing behaviours through precautionary advocacy

    Masterclass: Preventing Social Media Train Wrecks

    About the Program: This master class has been designed to assist local government officers to:

    • Review and reflect on how Australians are using social media
    • Tailor strategies to attract engagement with specific groups
    • Provide a high-value, low-cost proposition for your organisation to reach more people in an hour than a traditional method could achieve in a week
    • Understand that social media has been used in high-profile and successful engagement processes and how it has contributed to professional solutions and improved outcomes.
    • Minimise and mitigate risks, leading to improved uptake and outcomes

    Rockhamption Brochure and Registration 2018.pdf

    • 5 Jul 2018
    • 8:15 AM - 4:15 PM
    • Double Tree by Hilton, 121 - 123 The Esplanade Cairns

    Who should attend: Officers from local government who are working in tourism, venues and customer service sectors.  Join in on the following topics:

    • Panel Discussion – Regional Tourism experts discuss successful and not so successful strategies before looking towards the future…
    • Business support and development
    • Indigenous Tourism
    • Commonwealth Games legacy
    • Venue management – the good the bad and the ugly!

    Complete the online registration form or download the manual registration form here.

    • 6 Jul 2018
    • 8:15 AM - 4:15 PM
    • Double Tree by Hilton, 121 - 123 The Esplanade Cairns

    Who should attend: Officers from local government who are working in compliance and animal management sectors.  Join in on the following topics:

    • Systems and processes – getting it right
    • Domestic animals – dog and horse management
    • Feral animals
    • Generating behaviour change in the community
    • Health issues
    Is social media friend or foe in this space?

    View the flier here.

    • 1 Aug 2018
    • 8:15 AM - 4:15 PM
    • Mackay Entertainment Convention Centre, Civic Precinct, Alfred Street Mackay Queensland

    Who should attend: Officers from local government who are working in the human resources, learning and development sectors.

    The agenda includes:

    - Strategic Human Resource Management in Local Government

    - Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace

    - Leadership Capability Development

    - Mapping a Strategic Way Forward

    - Facilitated Workshop Session

    Download the Agenda here.

    • 11 Sep 2018
    • 8:30 AM
    • 13 Sep 2018
    • 4:30 PM
    • Novotel Twin Waters, 270 Ocean Drive, Twin Waters, Queensland

    Increasing pressure on the environment, our people and our organisations has contributed to long-term negative outcomes for all.  Workforce productivity reduces in the face of increased stress and burnout is not as rare as we would like.  In many communities our land is struggling to cope with pressures on water, issues of managing waste and the conflicts between development and preservation priorities.  Climate change and the associated increases in weather volatility puts pressure on communities to deal with natural disasters and, in others, the slow burn of sea level rise, increased aridity and fauna extinction is a challenge for leaders in communities.

    While sustainability and sustainable development are at the forefront of strategy and planning, for many pieces of the puzzle, it may be too little, too late.  Instead, the agenda must shift to regeneration and regenerative development.  In some instances, including some environmental matters, communities and employees, we have to go beyond sustaining what is now and replenish what was there or create something entirely new.  This is the challenge of regeneration.

    But despite these challenges, there are local governments across the state who have risen to the challenge and are actively seeking to introduce regenerative measures.  Some are well advanced, others just starting off.

    This conference seeks to look beyond the next ten years to consider the longer-term challenges local government and the communities we serve will face.  Through future thinking and mega-trend analysis, delegates will have an opportunity to explore what we are to on track to be, what we could be and what we need to avoid being, as we approach the middle of this century.  Because what we choose to do now, will have a significant impact on that future that our children and grandchildren hope to enjoy.


    Join LGMA in 2018 to refresh your mind and body and consider what your community, the land and the people need from our organisation in the future.


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