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the CONCEPT PROJECT recognises that at points during every career, officers may lack opportunities to develop new skills or confidence.

Through the CONCEPT PROJECT, officers who are ready for a challenge and want to test their skills or develop new skills in a ‘safe’ environment will have the opportunity to take on a challenging project, working on an issue outside their own council.

Programme Format

Working in a self-directed project team of five, participants will be given a current issue identified by the Host Council.  The project team’s role is to investigate the issue and develop solutions for the council.  To do this, the team will be provided with access to relevant officers in council in order to learn about the matter, understand the context in which it exists and discuss the options that have already been considered, as well as any feedback received on those options.

Over ten weeks, the team will undertake further research in order to develop and test options.  The team may opt to meet face-to-face during this time to work on their project but the bulk of project planning and communication is likely to be conducted over the phone or online.  The project will culminate in a presentation to council on the team’s recommendations.  In this ‘mock’ council meeting, elected members and officers will ask questions about the recommendations and rationale for each.  You never know, the recommendation may even be adopted in the future!

After the presentation, the project team will receive feedback on the solution presented and their presentation of it.  Importantly, the project team will also de-brief their processes, individual input and teamwork in order to maximise the lessons from the experience.

Who should enrol?

LGMA Queensland members looking to expand or test their skills in:

  • policy development and analysis;
  • project management;
  • leadership;
  • the political context; or
  • understanding Queensland local government

should consider participating in this programme.  It will particularly suit officers who are looking to make the next career move and want to build confidence and knowledge in these skill areas before applying for that promotion and also those who are looking to challenge themselves professionally and experiment with innovative solutions. 

You will need to be able to dedicate some time outside work hours to contribute.  This is estimated to be around 4 hours per week.

The project team for each intake will be carefully selected from the nominee pool in order to create a diverse team with a mix of skills and experience.

Programme Cost

the CONCEPT PROJECT is only open to LGMA Queensland members (Individual).  There is no charge to participate as it is offered as a Member benefit.  Participants will need to bear the cost of two visits to the participating council, further face-to-face meetings as determined by the project team as well as any associated costs of undertaking research. 



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