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2023 Event Information

Southern Queensland, 11 October 2023
Host Balonne Shire Council, St George

Register Now Registrations close 10 August 2023

Northern Queensland, 25 October 2023
Host Charters Towers Regional Council, Charters Towers

Register Now Registrations close 10 August 2023

Central Queensland, 15 November 2023
Host Livingstone Shire Council, Yeppoon

Register Now Registrations close 15 September 2023

The Rural Management Challenges (RMC) are based on the successful concept of the Australasian Management Challenge. They are a development programme that provides real-life problem solving experiences and produces outcomes that translate into relevant, tangible and enduring benefits for individuals, teams and the organisation.

Councils nominate a team of four people (who may or may not have worked together before) to compete against teams within their region.  A team mentor should also be appointed by each council to assist with preparing the team.  However, on Challenge day, the team is on their own!  Additionally, it is great if councils can assist with providing observers and actors to help LGMA with the Challenge programme.

Throughout the day, the team will be given a range of tasks that simulate different business-related tasks and activities that council manages on a day-to-day basis. As some of these tasks or issues may be outside the team members’ usual role, it provides the perfect opportunity to broaden the understanding and appreciation of what council does and what other people within your council manage every day.

It also provides a perfect opportunity to develop and strengthen your team skills. This includes communication and presentation skills, influencing and negotiation skills and managing resources and time. All within a fun and highly supportive environment.

The teams are observed throughout the day on their team processes – how well they worked together, how they resolved differences of opinion, how they ensured that they kept on track and managed the tasks. The teams are also assessed on what they produce (e.g. reports, presentations etc.). Rural Management Challenges are held in three locations during October/November annually. 


Fiona Cullen
Programme Facilitator 
07 3174 5006

The Rural Management Challenge also includes a pre-challenge task which provides officers with great learning. 

Hear below from the 2022 participants about the key learnings that teams derived out of their pre-challenge task experience:

  • "How difficult it is to write a succinct and full report that covers all factors and how many factors there are to think about."
  • "The available resources required to achieve a quality outcome."
  • "Awareness of how I work under pressure and interact with other teammates."
  • "About some of the processes and what other teams do to assist our community."
  • "The range of different areas and impact of legislation of Council."
  • "Diversity of Council operations, team members strengths and weaknesses."
  • "Prioritisation."
  • "How to complete tasks with limited time."   
  • "How to work as a team."
  • "I found getting to know other members of Council whom I wouldn't usually have a reason to cross paths with really valuable."
  • "That a team that works well together is so important. It’s best to get to know each other and from there you can find out what everyone’s strengths are and their not so much strengths."

2022 Rural Management Challenge

Southern Queensland Challenge

Hosted by South Burnett Regional Council

1st Bunya MVPs, South Burnett Regional Council

2nd Good Grades, Southern Downs Regional Council

3rd Bright Sparks, Western Downs Regional Council

North Queensland Challenge

Hosted by Mount Isa City Council

1st Team Veela, Mount Isa City Council

Central Queensland Challenge

Hosted by Rockhampton Regional Council

1st Highland Gems, Central Highlands Regional Council

2nd The Living Stones, Livingstone Shire Council

3rd Cap Coast Cohort, Livingstone Shire Council

2021 Rural Management Challenge

Southern Queensland Challenge

Hosted by  Western Downs Regional Council 

1st The Western Downs Experience, WDRC

2nd CLAW, Toowoomba Regional Council

3rd She-Force, Southern Downs Regional Council

North Queensland Challenge

Hosted by Cassowary Coast Regional Council

1st Leichardt Legends, Mt Isa City Council

2nd Team BARC, Townsville City Council

3rd Coastal Crusaders, Cassowary Coast Regional Council

Central Queensland Challenge

Hosted by Central Highlands Regional Council

1st Rocky Renegades - Rockhampton Regional Council

2nd Black & Gold Beach Bushies - Isaac Regional Council

3rd CouncilHERS - Livingstone Shire Council

Thank you Host Councils - we appreciate your support!  Thank you Mentors - love your work! 

Congratulations to all the participating teams, observers and assistants throughout the Challenges. 


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