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Professional Development Placement Programme

LGMA offers a Professional Development Placement Programme. This is one of the LGMA initiatives aimed at supporting the retention and development of quality employees in the local government sector.

Ongoing discussions with Queensland councils have identified that there is a high risk to councils of losing talented and valued officers due to limited capacity to offer targeted development opportunities, including shadowing experienced officers from other councils or acting in higher or different roles. Inter-council secondments and learning activities have been recognised as a valuable enhancement to employment and employee retention in local government.

The Professional Development Placement Programme will offer two streams.


  • Short-term, on the job employee development
  • One officer observes (shadows) another officer at a different council


  • Coordinates short-term to 12-month opportunities to relieve a vacancy in another council
  • Secondment undertaken through agreement between two councils

Both programme streams aim to:

  • Broaden the skills and experience of local government officers in Queensland
  • Provide opportunities which may not be available to an officer within their own council
  • Assist councils in filling short- to medium-term vacancies
  • Assist councils to access skills and competencies that may not be readily available within existing officer cohorts
  • Encourage skilled officers to be retained in the local government sector
  • Build cross-council networks

The Shadowing Programme 

The Shadowing Programme is a short-term, on-the-job employee development activity in which one officer observes (shadows) another officer at a different council in order to learn from them. Job shadowing allows an officer to gain comprehensive knowledge about another role and what that role entails daily. Each experience will be different, however, typically the observing officer will follow an employee and observe them partaking in their day-to-day work.

Shadowing Programme Requirements

Shadowing Programme Forms

LGMA Placement Programme - Shadowing Application Form

The Secondment Programme

The Secondment Programme coordinates short-term to 12-month relieving opportunities between a council with a staffing vacancy and a council officer from a different council who could fill that vacancy. Secondments are an agreement between two councils whereby the home council ‘lends’ an employee to another council (the ‘seconding’ council) for a stated period.

Secondment Programme Process

To facilitate secondments between councils, LGMA will:

    • Promote secondment opportunities and coordinate the receipt of nominations for secondment; and
    • Provide participating councils with generic agreements for the secondment of officers.

To formalise the process the following procedures will occur: 

Secondment Programme Forms

LGMA Placement Programme - Advice of Secondment Opportunity

LGMA Placement Programme - Expression of Interest Secondment Application Form

LGMA Placement Programme - Secondment Agreement 

For any questions regarding the professional development programmes, please contact us or (07) 3174 5006.

View Placement Programme Brochure for further information.


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