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Local Government Managers Australia, Queensland (LGMA Queensland) is the leader in local government advocacy, collaborative learning and professional development.

We represent the needs of our members to other spheres of government and to various stakeholders in order to create the most effective working environment for officers and to allow them to thrive. LGMA Queensland seeks to ensure its members are industry leaders, always at the forefront of good practice, change, innovation and the continuous elevation of local government in the state.

We have developed a collaborative membership, constantly growing in vitality and diversity. With all Queensland councils involved with LGMA Queensland, we have access to some of the most influential practitioners and are able to develop specialist events and training programmes, specific to the needs of individuals working in the sector.

If you work in local government in Queensland, then LGMA Queensland is an organisation you should be involved with – for your own career and in order to better serve your community.

Membership of LGMA is a must-have for anyone looking to develop their career in local government.

Through membership, individuals are kept informed of relevant trends and changes which may impact on their work. 

We think it's important to support all levels of local government. 

LGMA Qld Members have access to professional development and training tailored to their needs and the sector and, most importantly, they gain access to a network of like-minded professionals whose experience and insights can help them excel in their role and in their careers.  

No matter who you are or what stage of your career you are currently at, with LGMA Membership we have a beneficial  package for you! 

  • Apply your expertise and input into advocacy agenda supporting the sector
  • Access to quality professional career development and a network of like-minded officers
  • Recognition and Awards - Eligibility for Manager of the Year and Young Manager of the Year Award nominations
  • International Management Exchange opportunities (hopefully soon!)
  • Receive regular updates from both Queensland and National offices on the issues and progress of local government across Australia
  • Build your profile and share your experience by presenting at LGMA events or by submitting your article for publication in LGMA periodicals or online media
  • Receive a discount on future subscriptions when you attend a flagship LGMA conference 
  • Give back as a mentor or subject matter expert
  • Access to member-only webinars, materials and updates
  • Voting rights in the association (not available to Affiliate members)
  • Networking Opportunities (in person, via discussion boards, Exchanges and Webinars)
  • Access to LGMA's EAP service
  • One complimentary one-on-one coaching session per annum and discounted coaching thereafter

To see how you can further your local government career, view the membership page or contact us on 07 3174 5006.

Join ONLINE or email your completed FORM.



2022 Calendar of Events

Village Events: Exchanges, Webinars & Forums

2022 Exchanges

Calendar Here


Fraud and Corruption Webinar 

9 June

Shifting Mindsets to Shape Futures Webinar

24 June 


Annual LG Conference 

Date Claimer

6-8 September 2022



 LGMA Queensland provides the following services:

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