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The next Inspire Conference is scheduled for 11-12 June 2024 in Brisbane. 

The 2024 Inspire Conference is a must-do for officers seeking a local government career.  It provides a broad understanding of the key elements driving council activity and approaches; a toolkit for local government officers.

Participants will hear from experienced specialists in key fields and have the opportunity to ask questions and consider how the learning applies to their own organisations and roles. 

Presenters will discuss the challenges and satisfactions of a local government career, demonstrating the contribution that officers make to their community.

The networking with other officers will equip participants with connections that can support them in their roles now and into the future and the keynote speakers will leave all inspired to return to work and deliver for their communities.

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Day 1 – Tuesday 11 June 2024

10.00am -10.30am Registration and Morning Tea on Arrival

10.30am – 4.15pm Conference

4.15pm – 5.45 pm Networking Function

Day 2 – Wednesday 12 June 2024

08.45am – 4.00 pm Conference


Gerrard Gosens (and Boss)

You may have seen Gerrard on TV years ago when, as a world-first, he faced his greatest challenge ever and took to the dance floor on “Dancing with the Stars”.

Gerrard competes in marathons and has represented Australia at three Paralympic Games. He’s climbed to Everest Base Camp and beyond, co-piloted an ultra-light motor glider around Queensland to raise funds for charity, and received numerous awards and accolades.

One of Australia’s true high achievers, Gerrard has been honoured with an Order of Australia (OAM). The award was conferred in recognition of his outstanding service to sport, and to people who are blind or who have low vision. And to add to all this, he even owns a chocolate shop! 


The money matters

Local government activities are directed and shaped by the financial position of council.  Having an understanding of the financial requirements, responsibilities, revenue sources, key expenditures and decision-making can assist every officer to be a better contributor, regardless of their role.  This session will give a snapshot for non-finance professionals to ensure they understand the context in which they are working.

There is no such thing as a free grant

Queensland councils manage large quantities of assets in order to provide needed and desired services to their communities.  These assets can have significant maintenance costs and may need regular updating or renewal.  The grant that council is provided to build a new facility, may come at no or minimal up-front cost but creates an expectation amongst users and an ongoing funding drain on council.  How well councils manage their assets can have a significant impact on the financial position of council and the longer-term delivery of services, so it is valuable for officers to understand the asset management frameworks within which their councils operate.

Who’s setting the rules?

Local government is a creature of legislation.  State Government legislation provides local government with its powers and also lists its responsibilities.  This session will explore the Local Government Act 2009 and associated regulations which dictate how local governments operate and why the obvious solution is not always the permitted solution.

No one-size fits all

This panel of CEOs will share their thoughts on council breadth, responsibilities, structure, priorities and challenges.  Hear from experienced officers as they offer the ‘must know’ guide for local government officers; what they think participants need to know to be high-performers in any local government organisation.

Staying in your lane

As public servants, local government officers are subject to specific legislation which dictates how we conduct ourselves in our working lives and, to some extent, our private lives.  While following your council’s code of conduct might help you stay on the right side of the lines, a deeper understanding of the legislation applying will make sure of it.  This session will unpick the critical elements that apply to every local government officer.

What do all these people do?

Local governments are diverse and complex.  In many cases, officers have limited understanding of the functions delivered across council.  In this session, participants will learn from each other about the functions undertaken across councils to better understand the vast array of opportunities that local governments offer, along with the wide contribution that they make to shaping their community.

Expectations and experiences

This panel session will explore individuals’ perceptions of local government prior to, and after, they have started work for the sector.  The panellists will share their experiences; the expected, the disappointments and the surprises.  Looking through their eyes may give you alternative views of your role and the function of local government.

It’s all about perception

Public perceptions about the role of local government, its responsibilities, its capabilities and its powers often no way correlate with the reality.  To what extent does it matter, does it affect how we do our roles or impact the provision of services to the community?  And is there a role for each of us and our organisations to change the narrative?


The conference will be held at the Queensland Law Society – 179 Ann Street Brisbane.


Council officers who:

  • Would like to feel more confident in the workplace
  • Are looking for a rewarding career in LG and aspire to change roles within their council and further develop their skills and abilities
  • Would like to access professional development specifically for local government
  • May be new to council
  • Aspire to be a leader


At the completion of the workshop, officers will have –

  • Learnt about council financial matters (finance for non-financial officers)
  • An understanding of asset management
  • Reviewed the major Governance requirements for local government
  • An understanding of Legislation – Public Sector Ethics Act, the LG Act 2009
  • The ability to improve leadership capability across council
  • Developed skills and confidence to manage conflict, build relationships and address issues promptly and consistently
  • Improved communication techniques
  • Networked with council officers from other Queensland areas


The dress code for the Conference is Corporate or Business Casual.  As the conference room temperature may vary, we suggest you wear layered clothing to ensure you are comfortable throughout the event.


Early Bird (on or before 22 April)

Full programme including networking $880.00 (incl. GST)

Standard registration (on or after 23 April)

Full programme including networking $1100.00 (incl. GST)

The full programme includes:

Morning Tea, Lunch and Afternoon Tea on Tuesday and Wednesday plus the Networking Function on Tuesday evening.

Member benefits:

LGMA Members who attend this event receive a discount off their membership fees for the next financial year.

Council Subscribers: Buy one get one free!

When purchasing one (1) Early Bird Registration, subscribing Councils can access one (1) complimentary registration to the Inspire Conference – subject to availability. Terms: Excludes CEO’s, limit of one complimentary registration per Council. Please complete the attached form.

Call us now on 3174 5006 to check eligibility!


Registrations can be made online from 16 October 2023.  / Email: / Phone: 07 3174 5006


Accommodation options close to the venue include:

The registration fees do not include accommodation, travel or transport.

Thank you Corporate Partners for supporting the 2024 Inspire Conference



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