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Exchange Notes 2 August 2023

  • 3 Aug 2023 20:30
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    Elaine Brown (Administrator)

    Environmental Health Exchange 2 Aug 2023 

    Agenda items discussed during the meeting. 

    Food businesses that use non-reticulated water. How do LGs regulate this?  

    • Townsville City Council, Ipswich City Council, Bundaberg Regional Council, Douglas Shire Council and South Burnett Regional Council all provided their processes around license conditioning and annual water testing. 
    • Townsville uses the following condition: The licensee must ensure only potable water is used in the food business, compliant with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (ADWG).  This includes providing water samples from the food business to a NATA accredited laboratory for testing at a minimum of one per financial year, and per significant event.  A copy of the report/s must be provided to Council’s Environmental Health Services.  Should any values exceed the ADWG, operations must cease until rectifying actions are taken and compliance with the ADWG is confirmed through another water sample. 
    • Ipswich has required at start up that we get water test results and a water management plan prior to issuing the first licence.  Any special conditions we just issue with an information notice initially only.  no Info notice for renewals.  We ask for test results in accordance with the ADWG both microbiological and chemical from a NATA accredited laboratory. 

    • Bundaberg also requires yearly testing by businesses but also does sample testing as well by Council. 

    • Douglas also condition water management plan as part of food licences which requires testing annually, but they also take samples themselves and test inhouse. 

    • South Burnett referred to new Qld Health guidelines and water management templates and that they were a part of that project. Businesses are required to have water tests annually and have a water management plan. Council undertakes this water sample in line with QFSS procedures. Qld Health sends us the report back and advise whether it complies with the Aust Drinking Water Guidelines. Tests are Micro - E.coli and Standard Water Analysis. Water Condition: The following condition has been imposed on specifically for this premise known as xxx: The Licensee must ensure the premise supplies potable water in accordance with the Australian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines (NHMRC 2004). As per Council requirements water testing will be required to be undertaken for tank water that is used within the premise.  This is required to be undertaken on an annual basis to ensure the water quality standards are being met. 

    Food business with non-compliant premises for lengthy amounts of time. How do other LGs handle premises that have non-compliant structural items that don’t pose an immediate risk to public health, for example, flooring that cannot be easily and effectively cleaned? 
    • Ipswich will provide time frames and may also look at improvement notices but will always try to work with the business to put action plans in place to mitigate the issues until they can get more permanent solutions. 

    • Bundaberg also provide time frames and require evidence that they have made reasonable steps to resolve issues, i.e. quotes. Will also look at improvement notices where appropriate.  

    • South Burnett have started charging re-inspection fees  

    Food packaging from businesses who package a product then sell that item somewhere else i.e. food van, what do other LG’s require in regard to packaging? 
    • General discussions with varying opinions and requirements from Councils but would be guided by Qld Health and Public Health Unit. 

    Do other LGs consider bubble tea as a licensable activity if the premise cooks the tapioca pearls on-site and adds them to the tea? 
    • Ipswich and Cairns do licence their bubble tea premises as they are cooking the pearls.  

    • Redlands don’t licence based of advice from Qld Health a few years agothat they should be exempt unless they are doing other licenced activities i.e. fruit smoothies.

    Temporary Entertainment Events and permits. Who approves and regulates Temporary Entertainment Events in different LGs (EH, events team, other)?  
    • General discussion amongst the group and in most Councils falls under events teams. 

    • Ipswich provided link to their temporary entertainment process and application form: 

    • Redlands provided link to their event portal which outlines requirements and provides templates: 

    General Discussion 

    Bundaberg asked how other Councils investigate Odour/Dust Nuisances? 
    • Cairns advised that they do use emission criteria but also how many people it is affecting is taken into consideration. 

    Qld Health Food Safety audits training does not have an update yet as to when this training will be provided.

    Noosa currently working through an application for fire pit dining where the meat products are cooked over open fire and asked the group for any thoughts on conditions? 

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