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Exchange Notes 8 Feb 2023

  • 8 Feb 2023 17:14
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    Elaine Brown (Administrator)

    Environmental Health Exchange 8 Feb 2023 

    Agenda items discussed during the meeting. 


    General Discussion 

    • Food Safety Standards and Training – discussion around proposed changes to Food Safety Standards and Training requirements as set by Queensland Healthand the impacts on small businessand Councils, with several Councils either commenced notifying customers or are working on back-end systems prior to sending out.  Rockhampton intends to send out information with licences in June and via newsletters. Burdekin have sent out information and are receiving feedback regarding the financial costs. Online training options provided.Douglas is keen to find out how this will affect onsite/offsite caterers. 

    • Food Act - Also concerns around the proposed changes to the Food Act about number of inspections per year. 

    • Renewals - Most Councils advising of good percentages of renewals with some accepting emails in place of signed forms and others still requiring lodgement of signed forms. Brisbane has a 12-month rolling renewal time frame so hard to track. Bundaberg having success with sending out reminders before critical dates, as well as introducing SMS reminders. 

    • Rockhampton advised of recent Phishing email that was sent to mobile food vendors supposedly from Qld Health, may be worthwhile raising this within your network groups to be vigilant for! 

    • Gympie have introduced a great resource ‘Resolving Environmental Nuisance Issues in Your Neighbourhood’ and have shared to the LGMA village exchange discussion board.  

    • Bundaberg wanted to bring to the attention of the group a portable dust monitoring system called Purple Air which monitors the quantity of contaminants in the air and can be useful during bushfires. 

    • Bundaberg have introduced a ‘Fix it at the Fence’ program to put accountability back on the customers to reduce unnecessary workload regardingneighbour complaints. 

    • Burdekin have a large number of petrol stations for the size of the area and are interested in hearing from other councils in this regard. 

    • Livingstone are having issuesabout soil and sediment problems with individual builders. 

    • Burdekin have received grant funding under Reef Guardian for water quality projects. 

    • Staffing- Brisbane are working on an attraction and retention strategy to promote the profession with attendance at career days and universities. Bundaberg have out of necessity employed a food technologist with positive results, also have a 3rd year university student 3 days a week. Lockyer have a contractor assisting with food standards. 

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