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Exchange Notes 4 October 2023

  • 4 Oct 2023 17:57
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    Elaine Brown (Administrator)

    Environmental Health Exchange 4 Oct 2023 

    Agenda items discussed during the meeting. 

    • How do other councils deal with planning referrals? Do you make comments on the DA’s and how the referrals are filtered to Environmental Health concerns?  Bundaberg is looking for effective ideas to address and manage planning referrals. Townsville, Cairns and Redlands shared their processes. 

    • Regarding water trucks, if the manufacturer / supplier does not exist anymore, what methods other council use to assess if the internal coating and delivery hoses are safe for drinking water? Is there an entity who can provide certifications that fittings meet Australian Standard. Australian Std 4020 applies to hoses and fittings. No suggested entities for internal coating compliance. 

    • Do other councils ensure tattoo operator licence is provided by the applicant before the tattoo licence is issued by the council? Most councils do not wait for certificate, no requirement in HRPAS legislation, as long as activities undertaken meet the requirements for a licence. 

    General Discussion 

    • Discussions around the 'Food Safety Supervisor current to 5 years' change in December. Townsville and Burdekin shared their planned processes. 

    • Livingstone asked the group in regard to gross pollutant traps, approved with conditions in the DA who monitors? Burdekin advised they are monitored under Reef guardian council requirements but are aware that with some councils they are dealt with by waste department not environmental office. 

    • Discussions around how Councils manage risk management assessments for temporary entertainment events. Redland shared their processes and advised they have documents available on their website under Redland City Council events portal. 

    • Redland asked how others manage enforcement notices for non-compliance of temporary entertainment events. Cairns looking at this at present to implement practices. Toowoomba use stop order under local laws for portion of event if required. 

    • Townsville reviewing food license fees for not-for-profit organisations and asked what other councils are doing. Cairns have a fee waiver policy for not-for-profit organisations with some conditions. Burdekin also have a policy and do not charge. Redland just updated their policy with options available for discounts. Gladstone charge non-profit organisations an application and license fee, but renewal fees are currently exempt under our fees and charges upon showing proof of non-profit status. Bundaberg charges a heavily reduced non-profit annual license fee. 


    • Share with your colleagues about our upcoming free online What is a Village Exchange? Introductory Information Session on 14th Nov, this is for those that haven’t joined an exchange before and might be curious as to what they’re all about. See our website for more details. 

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