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Executive Assistants / Office Professionals Village

This Village aims to support local government officers working as Executive/Personal Assistants to CEOs, Directors, Managers and Elected Members of Queensland councils.

It is a place to get together, share information, get updates on the latest legislation and policies and, ultimately, find better ways of working in a supported environment with colleagues.  Attendees tell us that they appreciate being able to share their challenges and expertise with other officers who have similar experiences. 

We sincerely hope that you derive value from the interactions and information shared via this forum.

Note: LGMA Exchanges are available at no cost to officers of subscribing councils. 

Upcoming Events

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This group has been created to allow members of this village the opportunity to share information, upload documents and post topics for discussion. This group is private and only officers working in Queensland Local Governments will be accepted. We believe it will serve as a valuable extension of our existing exchange, as it is a great tool for both networking and cross council collaboration.

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