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Exchange Notes 9 May 2023

  • 9 May 2023 17:52
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    Elaine Brown (Administrator)

    Executive Assistants/Office Professionals Exchange 9 May 2023 

    Agenda items discussed during the meeting. 

    Council Resolution Registers - Cook Shire Council have asked via the discussion board what software other EAs use for their Council resolution registers, ifthey keep one. And what you do with your registers? Publish with the OCM agendas, or on your websites, or just for internal reference...? 

    • General Discussion, with most councils keeping a record of resolutions manually on either word/excel, for internal use more like a resolutions actions list. Not published for public. Only minutes of meetings with council resolutions are available publicly. Some larger councils have online searchable resolution register or index on website.  

    Upcoming webinars and face to face event.  

    7-8 June Governance Forum in Cairns - will cover Election 2024, Emerging Trends in Governance, Privacy and RTI Amendments, CEO Panel 

    18-20 July Managing Challenging Interactions Webinar 3 part series  

    9-10 Aug Business Storytelling and Effective Business Writing for Local Government in Cairns 

    Upcoming LGMA Awards for Excellence 

    We’ve had some 70 odd outstanding nominations for the awards this year with great initiatives, projects and new ways of doing things, so keep an eye out for the awards magazine and if you’re interested in finding out more about any of the nominations feel free to contact us and we’ll pass that information on. 

    General Discussion 

    • EA Contact Lists WujalWujal asking if there are any such lists available, as new to role.  

    • Councils happy to share their EA contact lists. LGMA to look at previous information that may have been shared in village exchanges. 

    • Elections 2024 What involvement are EA’S having with regard to upcoming elections, councillor inductions 

    • Councils working on preparing/updating documents. LGMA will be running a CEO/Councillor Onboarding Programme later this year so keep an eye out for that for your Councils. 

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