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Telephone Recordings and Storage

  • 11 Jan 2023 07:42
    Message # 13051853

    I previously brought this up at the last governance forum, but thought i would again ask this question to obtain further input and understanding. 

    This is a two part question.

    1.  Our IS team are installing desk phones/mobile phones which will record all in and out going calls.  Unfortunately as per usual this process has already commenced without Governance being consulted.   My understanding is that all telephone recordings (in and out) are deemed a public record and therefore must be stored in our records management system.   For those who have desk phones / mobile phones that record how do you go about ensuring that these recordings are downloaded/stored.   Or separately are these records only deemed a public record when they are extracted or required for use therein can be deleted within a cycle of 30, 60 or 90 days?    I have separately sent my question to the State Archivist as interested in their feedback also.  

    2.  The system our IS team is using for desk phones/mobiles is via Teams.  To those who may already be using this system - what are your thoughts - what are the pros and cons?

    Any/all thoughts on this subject, regardless how small, I am thoroughly interested in hearing.  Thanks

  • 28 Feb 2023 13:25
    Reply # 13113175 on 13051853
    Liza Perrett (Administrator)

    Response from the State Archivist to Pamela on this query:

    “It does appear that the more recent readings you have come across are accurate, as not all phone and CCTV recordings are treated the same.

    Council will need to determine whether the recording is part of regular, routine ongoing surveillance and monitoring or whether the recordings are used for a specific purpose.

    Council’s determination will inform the applicable disposal authorisation and minimum retention period for the management of the recordings.

    If Council determines recordings are captured as part of regular, routine ongoing surveillance and monitoring then Disposal Authorisation 1277 Routine surveillance and monitoring applies and the recordings may be destroyed once business action has been completed.

    If Council determines the footage is captured for a specific purpose, or will be required to be provided to investigative and law enforcement agencies, then the footage will need to be retained in accordance with the minimum retention periods for one of the following disposal authorisations:

    • Disposal Authorisation 1284 Surveillance footage captured for a specific purpose
    • Disposal Authorisation 1202 Surveillance footage provided to investigative and law enforcement agencies, or
    • another relevant disposal authorisation under QDAN 480 v.4 or under the General retention and disposal schedule (GRDS).

    I hope this clarifies your questions.

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