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Electronic Authorised Person ID Card

  • 10 Feb 2023 15:57
    Message # 13092232

    MRC is embarking on a review of its Authorised Person processes.   We are looking are electronic ID Cards.   I would be interested to know if any other Council has though of or has embarked down this avenue. 

  • 9 Aug 2023 12:19
    Reply # 13238457 on 13092232

    Hi Kerri

    Was anyone able to assist in a template for the ID Cards.  We have a Card Machine and need to produce cards for staff.

    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


  • 10 Aug 2023 07:48
    Reply # 13238897 on 13092232
    Liza Perrett (Administrator)

    HI there

    I am looking at developing a templated process for AP's.  I can also provide an example of a card.

    However, this is also something we can work on collectively. 



  • 10 Aug 2023 11:45
    Reply # 13238982 on 13092232

    Hi All, 

    We have a card template we can share and I can show an example of our printed cards we use for Staff IOAs. We print them from Gallagher our security system.

    We currently have our requests and approval process through a portal request, Governance then put together the approved IOA and create the ID card in Gallagher.  

    Feel free to email me at and I can provide a copy. 

    I'm also interested in the type of IOA training other Councils provide their staff and the staff response to the training (is it effective etc)  


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