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Councillor Investigation Policy

  • 13 Mar 2023 14:53
    Message # 13129121

    Good afternoon

    LSC is in the processing of reviewing the Councillor Investigation Policy and is seeking feedback on the following: 

    1.     Do any other Councils engage in the Councillor Conduct Tribunal for the independent assessment of inappropriate conduct allegations or are matters investigated in-house or outsourced to an investigator?

    2.     Have any other Councils explored other early resolution outcomes in additional to withdrawal of the complaint by the complainant, such as the acceptance of agreed sanctions to settle a matter?

    3.     Do any other Councils consider councillor conduct investigation reports in closed meeting session?

    4.     If matters are considered in an open session are the personal details of the Councillor redacted in the reports?

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thank you.



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