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3 Feb 2021 - Exchange Conversation Summary

  • 3 Feb 2021 11:55
    Message # 10057446
    Facilitator LGMA (Administrator)

    Around the Grounds

    Fraser Coast Regional Council

    • Focus right now is on budget reivew and preparation for next financial year and maintenance - it's growing season!!
    • They are undertaking a tender process for Abourculture Services where they will establish a panel of preferred suppliers that will enable them to better meet the many and varied requriements in this area. When the process is complete, Fraser Coast has agreed to share the tender specifications via this forum so other counils undertaking a similar process may benefit. 

    Logan City Council

    • Focus righ tnow is on Asset Maintenance Service Standards. Looking to take what was learned when working with Brisbane City Council and apply that to the quality management framework and Quality Assurance management levels for the Hard Assets Maintenance and Local Laws Team. 
    • Much like Fraser Coast, budget review is a focus with 943 parts and assets in the region there is plenty to look after. 
    • Also undertaking a contract process for Hard Asset Maintenance including Water Parks for the first time. 

    Livingstone Shire Council

    • Specfically interested in the various Councils’ Policy for Pesticide Use in outdoor Public Spaces. Of their Notification Plans such as notices of intended pesticide use on their Council’s website; their use of Pesticide Application signage; their Identification of Pesticide Sensitive Areas; and the controversy about the safety of Glyphosate and the use of alternatives e.g.: steam weeding, organic weed killers: ‘Bio Weed’, ‘Slasher’ etc..
    • Various members of the group shared their approach and processses including the use of althernaitve and organic herbicides, mixing pre-emergent herbisides in to reduce the number of times spraying is required, finding ways to reduce the usage of Glyphosate and use of signage on trucks, in the immediate area when spraying and leaving signes out when sports fields have been treated. 

    Banana Shire Council

    • The sheer size and distances needed to cover in the shire is the biggest challenge for the Parks team. They cover 12 communicitiies with over 200km between parks. Finding ways to priorties service delivery for the communities is key.
    • Major project at present is the upgrade of three new playgrounds. 
    • Having trouble with vandalism and misuse of equipoment in parks at present too. 

    Ipswich City Council

    • Coming from the parks strategy and plnaning section of council, teh focus is on developing Action Plans for cycling and walkways which has involved plenty of community consultation via a variety of avenues including online survey tools, spekaing with the Parks, Environment and Heritage Reference Gourp and other opo up stall sa shops. 
    • Logan City Council offered to connect Ipswich with members of their Parks Strategy Team to see if they can share some of their knowledge and learnings from developing similar plans. 

    Discussion Topics

    Using Drones to Map Parks / Develop Management Plans

    • Logan is currently reviwing the usage policy for drones so that there is a consistent approach to how and when they are used across different departments
    • Fraser Coast Disaster Recovery team has a drone they allow Parks to borrow for weed identification and hazzard management. They have also used it to do aerial inspections of tress as it takes good quality high definition photos. 
    • Banana Shire engage contractors to use drones to capture terrain images where there has been erosion and to track wildlife.
    • The conversation lead to idea of using drones to map entire parks and create a whole of parl management plan via drone.  


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