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1 April Exchange Meeting - Land Owners Consent for Sporting Clubs

  • 1 Apr 2021 15:30
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    Facilitator LGMA (Administrator)

    On this Sport & Recreation Village Exchange zoom call we talked about Land Owners Consent not being obtained when sport and community groups apply for Community Gambling Grants to build on council land, along with a number of other adjacent issues that Sport Officers are dealing with that are connected to or caused by this issue. 

    The Zoom audio recording is available here -


    • Emma Tierney, Sport & Recreation Officer, Central Highlands Regional Council
    • Jane Gosper, Supervisor Land Operations, Property Services, Mackay Regional Council
    • Michael Connelly – CPR Group has worked with Central Highlands and Moreton Bay on this issue

    Overview of Common Challenges / Issues

    • Applicants are not obtaining the right consent to build on council land at any stage in the grant process
    • Misconstruing the Letter of Support for the application for the grant as consent to build on the land
    • Council not being made aware that construction has taken place until they send someone out to inspect the property

    Council Case Study - Central Highlands Regional Council: Tenure Agreement Review Process & Lessons Learned

    • Over the past six to eight months the team has been focused on getting clubs on tenure at council.
    • They have 90 clubs and before the process began they had 6-7 clubs on tenure, they now have 30 clubs with signed agreements in place.
    • The process involved six months of community consultation, mending relationships and changing the perception that clubs had of council and that council had of the clubs.
    • Lots of learnings and a solid draft agreement has come out of it that many of the other people on the call were keen to discuss further.

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  • 9 Apr 2021 10:27
    Reply # 10289133 on 10258862

    Good Morning,

    Following the Lease discussion held April 1, Jane Gosper, Supervisor Land Operations, Mackay Regional Council, has kindly offered an example letter of consent (attached) for general works. 

    Thanks and kind regards,
    Linda Single, Sport & Recreation Development Officer, Mackay Regional Council

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