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LGMA Queensland offers short courses that are aimed at increasing the skills and capabilities of local government officers.  As with all LGMA Queensland programmes, these workshops offer practical hands-on learning within the local government context in order to maximise application to officers’ roles.

Sessions can be provided for an individual council at their location or alternatively groups can be formed from officers of neighbouring councils to reduce costs and share knowledge and experience. Topics offered are from a diverse range and can be tailored to align with your specific policies and procedures. Programmes can run from 2 hours to 5 days, depending on the topic chosen and the desired outcomes.

In addition to the topics outlined below, LGMA Queensland can work with you to develop and tailor In-House Training Programmes to meet your requirements.

Please contact Robyn Walker for more information on 07 3174 5004 or robyn@lgmaqld.org.au 


This workshop covers the core components of a council code of conduct including bullying,
harassment, sexual harassment and discrimination. The session covers the definitions of
bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and discrimination as well as the blatant and
underlying behaviours and actions that can be perceived as inappropriate in the workplace.
The session also focuses on what motivates good people to behave in inappropriate ways
and specific strategies to overcome biases and improve communication.


This workshop is focused on reviewing basic group process techniques to create effective
forums for dialogue. This session will include interactive activities and practical tips to assist
participants to avoid the common problems encountered in community engagement
activities. The session will cover selecting, using and evaluating a range of public
participation activities.


Dealing with ‘difficult’ people, managing assumptions, giving feedback and building
cooperative teams are common communication challenges. Tailored workshops can be
delivered inhouse focused on helping teams communicate more effectively or building
supervisors or managers' skills in communicating effectively with their staff.

report to council

This session covers how to write and present reports to Councillors, that are meaningful
and achieve the appropriate outcome. Poorly organised, wordy reports can hide important
information, or worse still, mislead the reader. This session aims to improve writing
productivity and effectiveness and ensure officers understand their obligations to keep
Councillors informed.

team building

A range of activities are available – designed to suit the nature and size of the team and
reflecting the particular challenges of the team. This session focuses on understanding the
different stages a team moves through and how to move a team to a high performing state.
During this session, we look at developing self-awareness, positive communication,
leadership skills including giving feedback and the ability to work closely together as a
team to problem solve and make decisions.


LGMA also offers a range of Forums targeted to particular areas of interest within Council:
These forums are generally 1-day workshops. The Forums are networks that connect
officers across the state who are undertaking similar roles. The forums provide an
opportunity to hear from a range of speakers; look at case studies and discuss current and
emerging issues and trends. The forums are offered throughout the year by LGMA and are
held in both Brisbane and regional centres.


This workshop explains employee obligations under the Local Government Act 2009, Public
Sector Ethics Act 1994
, Public Interest Disclosures Act 2010 and the Integrity Act 2009. This
session provides real life examples and practical training around circumstances employees
are likely to face. Sessions will keep employees’ interest with hands-on examples and
interesting tests of application.

leadership development

LGMA offers a range of leadership development programmes targeted to the needs of each council. These programmes encourage participants to consider their own leadership style, the culture of their teams and understand the role of values and beliefs. Participants learn about persuasive communication, the art of effective delegation, performance management tips and the importance of consistency and managing expectations.
Options include:
  • A 2-day Intensive Bootcamp, exploring aspects of leading and managing teams;
  • A 3-day programme that includes a 2-day introductory forum plus a further workshop a month later – this format provides participants with the opportunity to practice and reflect on the skills and strategies covered in the first two days.
  • A 5-day programme includes a 2-day introductory forum plus 3 further 1-day workshops spaced a month apart – this format builds significant leadership skills and provides an opportunity to learn and embed the tools and strategies in the workplace.
  • Additional options for the 3 and 5-day programme formats include participant 360-degree feedback surveys and coaching sessions to support individual learnings and growth.


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