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13 May Exchange

  • 14 May 2021 10:02
    Message # 10483797
    Peta Irvine (Administrator)

    Small group for the Exchange discussion this week but great to see first time attendees.  Welcome Cairns RC EAs.

    There was discussion about the value of having a regular, internal EA catch up.  Benefits include support and development for EAs, greater consistency and increased capacity to backfill.  Face-to-face meetings better than virtual but virtual better than nothing.  (Also, don't underestimate the benefits of a social catch up a couple of times a year!)  A few attendees are going back to council to set up regular EAs meetings.

    Getting council agenda reports on time is an ongoing issue for some and still a work in progress.  Some directors persist in being wedded to 'their' template - creating more work for others.  Those that have succeeded in changing behaviour say it has to be top-down.

    Anyone using One Council, Cairns is in the process of implementing and would appreciate a current user who is willing to assist in troubleshooting and as a bit of a sounding board from an end user perspective.

    Mount Isa is moving to Info Council and was asking some advice.  Rocky and Scenic Rim are users and Sharyn Keepence ( was offered as a contact from Scenic Rim,

    Suggestion that we preempt discussion with agenda items next time so please send anything through you wish to discuss.

    Thanks for coming and look forward to seeing all next time.


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