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Sport and Recreation Village

This Village aims to support local government officers working in the sport and recreation areas of Queensland councils.

Sport and recreation is such an important part of Australian life and a key connector of communities.  Communities with good and varied sport and recreation services exhibit better community wellbeing than those without.  This Village is a place for officers responsible for those services to learn from each other, share information, hear about collaboration/partnership approaches being developed across councils, receive updates on the latest best-practice policies (including sharing of templates) and, ultimately,  to improve the wellbeing of our communities through the sport and recreation services on offer. 

We trust that you derive value from the interactions and information shared via this forum.

Note: LGMA Exchanges are available at no cost to officers of subscribing councils. 

Upcoming Events


Date: 1 April 2021

Topic: Challenges and opportunities of building relationships with sport and community clubs operating on council facilities including tenure agreements, grant approvals, landowners consent and ongoing maintenance of council facilities.



Date: 3 August 2021

Topic: Presentation by Sunshine Coast Council on Leasing Policy for Community Groups occupying council owned or council controlled land or infrastructure.  


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