Who is Local Government Managers Australia (Queensland)?

Local Government Managers Australia, Queensland (LGMA Queensland) is the leader in local government advocacy, collaborative learning and professional development.  We represent the needs of our members to other spheres of government and to various stakeholders in order to create the most effective working environment for officers and to allow them to thrive.  LGMA Queensland seeks to ensure its members are industry leaders, always at the forefront of good practice, change, innovation and the continuous elevation of local government in the state.

We have developed a collaborative membership, constantly growing in vitality and diversity. With all Queensland councils involved with LGMA Queensland, we have access to some of the most influential practitioners and are able to develop specialist events and training programmes, specific to the needs of individuals working in the sector.

If you work in local government in Queensland, then LGMA Queensland is an organisation you should be involved with – for your own career and in order to better serve your community. 

Managing Your Development

LGMA Queensland is your organisation and is here to help you in your local government career.  In 2016 we will again offer a host of new and established programmes aimed at helping our members improve their skills and practices so they can perform better; for their own benefit and for that of their organisations and communities.  No matter where you are in your career, chances are we have a programme that will support you in reaching that next stage of development.

Do you need skills in managing people?  Ignite is available for newer managers or the Management Masterclass if you are more experienced.

Do you want to troubleshoot matters specific to your area and learn from the experiences of other councils?  The Villages should give you this exposure.

Do you want to develop your understanding of how Queensland local governments work and what they do across the state and across departments?  The Propeller Programme will give you this.

Or are you searching for someone to guide you and support you as you shape your career aspirations and move toward them?  The Mentoring Programme will provide you with a mentor to help you through the coming months and, in a structured way, assist you to develop the skills and approaches you need.

Let us help you reach those goals in 2016.  Contact any of the staff at LGMA Queensland for more information about these opportunities or to discuss a tailor development programme to suit your needs.

The 2016 LGMA Queensland calendar of events can be accessed here.

2016 Awards for Excellence, and the Winner is...

The local government night of nights was held on Thursday 14th April where attendees from all over Queensland celebrated all that is great in local government.  

With winners from all across the state from regional and remote to the inner city, it serves as a reminder that what we do in local government is inspiring, engaging and is leading the way in innovation.  We at LGMA Queensland are proud of the contribution that each council is making to the sector and are proud of our involvement in highlighting these achievements.

As we reflect on the achievements of the nominees, we look to the next 12 months with anticipation and excitement and ask what is next? We can't wait for 2017's Awards! We hope to see you there.

For information on all of the categories and winners, please click here. 

For photos of the event please visit our Facebook page

Congratulations to Hans Muller, from Longreach Regional Council for winning the Young Manager of the Year 2016 Award.

Hans was presented with his well-deserved award at the Future Leaders Forum held in Brisbane on the 12 and 13 May. Congratulations to all other nominees, it was very difficult to pick a winner from such a deserving group! 

The good stuff

Shaping a Career That Shapes Your Community
12 - 13 May 2016
The 2016 Future Leaders Forum, Shaping a Career That Shapes Your Community, will consider what it takes to have a great local government career. 

The CEO panel is one of our most popular sessions. This year Chris Rose, Dave Burgers, Janelle Menzies and Brett de Chastel will provide insights on the attributes and skills that they believe are important in local government leaders. Do you have the right skill set and, if so, which style of role will suit you best? You will discover where you really want to go and what you might need to do in order to get there.  

Need some inspiration to push outside your comfort zone? Dr Jessica Gallagher, Australia's first female winter Paralympic medalist, Dual summer and winter Paralympian, Osteopath and Board Director, is the perfect role model to learn how to manage a world where we all face greater volatility, the uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Join us for this insightful & inspirational session. 
To sign up to this amazing programme or to find out more information - please click here.

2016 Ignite Programme - second programme in Cairns

This programme is aimed at improving your specific leadership skills – managing people, dealing with conflict, building the culture and improving communication throughout your team.

The 2016 Ignite Programme will also be offered in Cairns in 2016.  The programme will start on 8 and 9 June 2016 in Cairns. 

For further information, please click here.

Information is now available on how to nominate – please click here. 
This is also a leadership development programme with a different focus. 

This is a hands-on, dynamic programme that will give you an opportunity to learn about yourself, councils and local government from a broader perspective.  

Young Manager of the Year 2016 Nominations now open

The Young Manager of the Year Award nominations have now closed. The winners will be announced at the Future Leaders Forum 12 - 13 May 2016 in Brisbane. Announcements of the winner will be made on our Facebook Page. 

Branch Networking Events 2015

25 June 2015 Central Qld Branch in Bargara

Click here for further information and to download registration forms.

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